Thursday, September 18, 2008

And bailouts for all...

Looks like AIG and its fraudulent business practices have gotten themselves a nice big bailout to the tune of $85 billion. So Conservative economics works like this:

-step 1: deregulate (let the looting begin)
-step 2: hide profits to avoid taxes (preferably in a Swiss bank)
-step 3: deny taxpayers any right to bankruptcy protection or legal protection from corporate thugs (think big tobacco), citing bootstraps and the American dream.
-step 4: demand that taxpayers bail you out once you have stolen everything
-step 5: make profits, don't pay taxpayers back

In response to this, the very first step that should be taken by Congress (assuming we ever get one) is to strip corporations of their "person-hood" and put behind bars every white collar crook anywhere near this fiasco - including those taking bribes in government...


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