Thursday, April 03, 2008

McCain Advisers: The New Deal Is Satanic

No one believes for a minute that John McCain really views prosperity televangelist Rod Parsley as a "spiritual guide." After all, for McCain, who's apparently queasy about talking about his personal faith to groups like the Council for National Policy and the Values Voter Summit, listening to Parsley would be uncomfortable. As uncomfortable for McCain, perhaps, as recalling that his campaign advisor Charlie Black served on the host committee for a 2004 coronation of Moon in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, as John Gorenfeld reveals in his new book and video about the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,.

We all know that McCain thinks it's increasingly difficult "to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan," but does he really think, like Parsley preached this week, that Social Security is satanic because it "conditioned Americans to expect that the government would take care of them?" (Hagee also thinks government programs are satanic.) Or does McCain expect, as Parsley gleefully does, that he will have a "ringside seat" for the "deafening shouts from the modern sea of agnostic, and atheistic, and apostate voices" as they are "cast alive into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone?"

Why is everyone in the presidential campaign worried about the economy, Parsley growled in his Sunday sermon, arguing that any economic assistance provided by the government -- such as relief to homeowners victimized by mortgage lending abuses or universal health insurance -- is itself a sign of the Antichrist consolidating power. "In tough times like these," Parsley went on, "people make the mistake of putting their faith in political masterminds" who "promise to provide everything," instead of resisting the mark of the beast. That beast, he warns, will preach "tolerance and inclusion on a global scale" and if you reject the mark, "you will be accused of being intolerant and exclusionary." (Who might he be suggesting is the Antichrist?)

In short, Parsley thinks that the United States government has been controlled by Satan since the New Deal. He relishes watching agnostics, atheists, and people he considers apostates be burned alive at his fantastical end of days. This is not new stuff for Parsley, or for Hagee, for that matter. They've been preaching this sort of nonsense for years. Yet they get invited to the White House, and Hagee even gets meetings with president's national security team. And we all know how close they are with the presumptive Republican nominee...[Open in new window]
When will these people crawl back into their little corner of darkness?

The separation of church & state allows them that corner. You'd think they'd be happy. But noooooo, they want to take over the whole thing.

The evangelical wingnuts are ingrates & profoundly un-American.


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