Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snopes is the antidote to right wingnut lies. They fill the airwaves & your email inbox. Get Snopes, folks & watch the little buggers scatter.

Did you know: US active military deaths were actually HIGHER under Clinton than under GWB?

Barack Obama's family includes a jailbird, a crack addict, a fugitive, a gay porn star, and PEOPLE WHO WEAR DASHIKIS!!!!

Barack Obama is inviting Americans to take "the greatest nation in the history of the world"...and CHANGE that!

Homer Hickham (author of Rocket Boys) is afraid that if "Hilly or the Muslim lawn jockey" become president, they will scrap military programs and begin baking cookies for the enemy!

Barack Obama's 2007 Selma speech was full of self-serving anachronisms!

Terrorists are making "dry runs" for future attacks on America by text-messaging each other in movie theaters! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Barack Obama has received the KKK's endorsement for President, because they would rather have a black man than "that crazy ass bitch"!

Students who are not even US citizens, including illegal immigrants, are getting Pell Grants for their education, while citizens are not!


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