Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rove intimidating Republicans into silence
By Wayne Madsen

(WMR) -- Buoyed by an ineffective House Judiciary Committee under the control of gatekeeping staffers working for committee Chairman John Conyers, Karl Rove has effectively curtailed any effective investigation of past election fraud, including the 2004 presidential election, as a result of threats and intimidations directed against potential Republican Party witnesses.

WMR has learned from informed sources in Ohio and Alabama, that Rove is concerned that a huge GOP technical election “flipping” operation will be revealed that will result in a series of prosecutions and at least one impeachment of a federal judge, a political ally of Rove.

Rove, according to our sources, has threatened Republican Party official Mike Connell and his wife Heather if Connell testifies about GOP computerized vote-rigging...

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