Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bush administration dismisses author's book about pre-war intelligence

The White House issued the following statement to NBC News on Monday night in response to author Ron Suskind's new book, "The Way of the World," which was published today.

The subject of pre-war intelligence has been exhaustively examined by numerous individuals, committees of Congress, and expert bipartisan commissions. Indeed, it is difficult to identify a subject as thoroughly examined as this one - including the WMD Commission and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report on pre-war intelligence.

There were lots of unsubstantiated messages being sent prior to the invasion of Iraq - none of that is new. This is a rehash of very old reporting -- reports of this particular contact were reported on extensively in 2003. What is a fact is that intelligence estimates at that time were not accurate, but it was the intelligence we all relied on, and our intelligence reached same conclusions as other intelligence agencies around the world.

It's also a fact that Saddam Hussein wanted the world to believe he had weapons of mass destruction, as various reports have determined over the years. Hussein refused to give weapons inspectors the full access needed to determine the status of Iraq's weapons programs, and to come into compliance with numerous UNSC resolutions -- 17 resolutions over a twelve year period.

By refusing to comply with UN Security Council resolutions Saddam Hussein made the decision that resulted in the use of military force to enforce those resolutions. Military force would not have been necessary had he allowed inspectors into Iraq and given them full, unfettered access to his weapons programs. In fact, Iraq was given a final opportunity to come into compliance with UNSC resolutions and it refused.

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It's all misdirection & spin.

This country, by not impeaching & removing from office Bush & Cheney is making a huge mistake. A Ford-pardons-Nixon size mistake. It sets a horrible precedent.

I hope some sitting prosecutor takes up Bugliosi's challenge & brings murder charges against them.

Otherwise this country is OVER.


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