Friday, May 30, 2008

Vice President Cheney says Iraq withdrawal would lead to future return engagement

NEW YORK: Vice President Dick Cheney warned that a Democrat-led troop withdrawal could condemn a future generation of American soldiers to return to the Iraqi battlefield.

In a Thursday evening speech in Manhattan that touched on tax cuts, energy, U.S. security and the conflict in Iraq, Cheney told more than 700 Republican donors that it was critical for Republicans to win Congress and retain the White House on Nov. 4.

"The stakes are very high," Cheney said at the New York Republican State Committee's annual dinner-fundraiser. "Whether the issue is the economy or energy or the federal courts or national security, the right answers for our nation are not coming from Democrats but from Republicans."...

...Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama has said he would remove U.S. combat troops within 16 months of taking office. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has said she would begin a pullout within 60 days after becoming president. The Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain, supports continued U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

The Democratic National Committee, asked to comment on Cheney's speech, said: "The Bush-Cheney-McCain propaganda machine was hard at work again tonight as Dick Cheney promised McCain's 100 years in Iraq and not the change of course Americans are looking for."...[Open in new window]

One wag has suggested we parachute Cheney into Sadr City with a 'We Apologize' note pinned to his suit.

That would make for some vivid video for the 24/7 cable 'news' poop shoots.

I guess one thing to feel better about in the face of this madman's gibberish is he's always wrong.


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