Monday, May 05, 2008

Hot-blooded blueblood jailed for assault

he scion of a prominent Bay State family was jailed last week for a vicious attack on a Cambridge woman after a judge rejected efforts by his well-heeled kin to keep the man free due to a condition his lawyer dubbed “intermittent explosive disorder.”

Christopher Gardner Beaman, 24, a descendant of Henry Cabot Lodge, was sentenced to a year in jail after his petite former girlfriend told a rapt courtroom about the unprovoked attack that lacerated her liver and temporarily put her in a wheelchair.

“He hit me where all my vital organs were. If his fist had moved a little to the right or a little to the left, I would not be here today,” said the brunette from the witness stand at Somerville District Court on Thursday. “This would be a homicide proceeding.”...

...Beaman’s grandfather was the late Augustus Gardner Means, a former state representative and the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in 1960. Means was the great-grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge. His grandfather was state Rep. Augustus P. Gardner, for whom the State House auditorium is named...[Open in new window]
Wouldn't it be cool if all the psycho-rich-kids were going to jail? You know, like Bush.


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