Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheney camp 'behind Syrian reactor claim'
ABC News/Australia

US Government allegations that North Korea helped Syria build a nuclear reactor have been greeted with scepticism because of their timing.

Israeli jets bombed the alleged site in Syria's eastern desert last September. Today, after months of whispers, the White House publicly claimed that the target of the strike was a nuclear reactor.

. . .

But Mike Chinoy, from the Pacific Council on International Policy, says the claim needs to be taken in its political context, as North Korea's denuclearisation reaches a critical stage.

"Everything I'm hearing from my own sources in Washington is that what you have now is a kind of push back by Vice-President Cheney and his office and other hardliners who are opposed to diplomatic dealings with North Korea," he said.

"(They are) hoping that by making public these allegations of nuclear cooperation it will torpedo the diplomatic process."...[Open in new window]
Cheney is obviously insane. Greed has driven him over the edge. Only other crazy people like that skank Mary Matalin think he's not.


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