Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Democratic Death Wish
By Larry Johnson

Save this post. I will be telling you, “see, I told you so” or you will be feeding me a healthy helping of crow. But I am confident it will be, “I told you so.”If Democrats choose Obama they are signing the death warrant for their party’s presidential aspirations in November. Normally, given the Bush record of the last eight years, Republicans in general would not have a snowball’s chance in a blast furnace of winning in November. But this year will not be normal. The virtual lack of national scrutiny to Obama’s record and the media adulation for his bullshit “change” mantra will come to a screeching halt. When it does, expect the following:BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Unless he sets up shop in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he’ll have a tough time shedding the label that he’s a muslim (even though he isn’t). Although, as the media starts looking at his father’s side of the family in Kenya they will find practicing muslims and a relationship with the Kenyan opposition leader, who also happens to be a muslim. That could have been a heartwarming story except cousin Odinga is in the middle of an ethnic/tribal war pitting Luo against Kikuyu and muslim against christian. Not so sweet. If fighting in Kenya continues to escalate it won’t be the inspirational backstory Barack may have counted on.

Then there is the fairy tale fantasy about Obama opposing lobbyists. He’s against them unless they represent the nuclear industry in his state and then he will take their money. And that is just for starters. I don’t begrudge Obama taking money from lobbyists. It is how Washington works. But he is so disingenuous and sanctimonious. Just wait till the national media starts sorting through his past record of contributors. The shine will come off. They love going after preachers who decry homosexuals and then score a hummer from a male hooker...

...The real crock of shit is the praise of Obama’s brilliance. There is not a “there” there. That is the point of Susan’s piece below, challenging his backers to tote up the list of “accomplishments.”It would be one thing if he was getting busted up on a daily basis by Hillary. No way. Many of the Dems are such a bunch of whining pussies that any effort to challenge Barack on anything of substance was batted down as “gutter” politics. Jesus Christ!!

I would be prepared to make the case that Obama can resist the shit storm that will hit him in a few months if he had in fact conducted an effective defense of himself this last month and a half. But that has not happened. The Obama supporters, with the enthusiastic support of the mainstream media, are enabling the Senator...[Open in new window]


I'll tell you something, I'm glad Clinton won the CA, MA & NY primaries tonight.

Policy-wise I don't really like her but she, at least, knows what's coming in the general election; the worst the Rethuglican attack dogs can dish out. You know, she's a lesbian sorceress who murdered Vince Foster & eats puppies with a side of infant every Sunday. The kind of crap the 'thug base eats up. Loony Pat Robertson will be selling DVDs on his 700 Club.

I hope she's got some surprises in store for them. I bet she does. 'Hope' & 'change' are fine but first you have to win.


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