Wednesday, November 30, 2005

This article illustrates that while I may vote dem, I'm not a dem. Still pineing for proportional representation in the legislature and instant run off...You know? like in a real democracy...

JOSHUA FRANK: Dems Forget Palestine, Again & Again - Howard Dean’s Blunt Message
Date 2005/11/30 -- World News Trust

DNC Chair Howard Dean has a fickle stance on virtually every foreign policy issue thrown his way. None, however, are more telling of his party’s incompetence than his posture on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, which is virtually identical to that of the neocons. Recently Dean returned from a week-long jaunt to Israel sponsored by the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC). Shortly after his return, Dean spoke to an elite crowd of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) friends and lobbyists in Philadelphia about his tripl. And the audience was pleased with what they heard. “Literally, from Israel's birth ... that great Democrat Harry Truman took the courageous step to immediately extend America's hand to recognize the State of Israel,” Dean said. “Democrats have done all we can to foster the special, enduring relationship between the two countries. Maintaining Israel's security is a key U.S. national security interest.” But Dean’s vision of Israel’s security is not without consequences for Palestinians or Arab Israelis. The October 2003 issue of The Jewish Week quoted Gov. Howard Dean as saying that he had been very clear in his support for “targeted assassinations” of alleged Palestinian terror suspects. He believed these men were “enemy combatants in a war,” adding, “Israel has every right to shoot them before they can shoot Israelis.” This position bears a striking resemblance to that of both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. And why is Dean’s position, like that of Bush and Clinton, so dead wrong? From the 1948 war to the proposal to settle the whole of the Occupied Territories, Israel has always been associated with the policy of expelling Palestinians from the land -- an act that is frighteningly similar to the Nazi objective during the Second World War to round up and clear all the Jews from Europe to provide "Lebensraum" for the citizens of Germany...


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