Sunday, November 27, 2005

IRAQ ON THE RECORD: pick your administration official and read their lies. They can't unsay what they said. They try but that dog don't hunt...
One would have to be severely delusional at this point to NOT think Congress and the American people were told deliberate falsehoods in order to gain support for an invasion of Iraq.
So, say you have an employee with a certain amount of ability to initiate projects on their own. They screw one up bad. Then you find out the project was unnecessary. It was a boondoggle.
What do you do?
Fire them, right? Right? Right?
Bush and Co. should be fired. And I think because their lies have lead to the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of human beings they should be charged with crimes against humanity.
(Let's just put the looting and stealing aside for the time being.)
How can a moral person think otherwise? It's not a political question. On any scale of right or wrong murder and lying are wrong. Or is there a different morality for those few hundred 'households' with annual incomes of 200 million dollars a year? And their 'little Eichmanns' in government and finance?
There needs to be a general recognition that Capitalism is crime...
The most robust economy in the world is Finland's. And for all practical intents and purposes Finland is a socialist country.
The US needs to get back to FDR's 'new deal', but this time the 'new deal' on steroids...


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