Monday, November 21, 2005

Got to LUUUV the K-Man:

Kucinich Calls For Congressional Hearings On Vice President Cheney's False Statements On The War
Sends Letter To Chairman Of House Government Reform Committee

WASHINGTON - November 21 - Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich sent the following letter to Tom Davis, Chairman of the House Government Reform Committee:
Dear Chairman Davis:
I am requesting that the Government Reform Committee hold a hearing on the war in Iraq and specifically the role that Vice President Richard Cheney, and his staff, played in leading this nation to war.
We now know that the Vice President, and his aides, were at the forefront of the Administration planning and execution of the war in Iraq. We also now know that many of the statements made by Vice President Cheney have turned out to be false and misleading.
The Vice President has had great influence in leading the United States into war in Iraq, and has used his influence to make false statements, mislead the public and attack those who oppose the war and have demanded accountability.
Congress, as a co-equal branch of government, has a Constitutional responsibility to provide oversight of the Administration and the government. This is the solemn purpose of our committee. No Administration official is above Congressional accountability.
The Vice President should be immediately invited to appear before our committee and given the opportunity to provide our committee with the facts to support his claims. If he refuses, our committee should use its subpoena power to require his appearance.
With over 2,090 US troops killed in Iraq and tens of thousands more injured it is of the utmost urgency that our committee seek answers and accountability from the Vice President as to the many false and misleading statements which took us into war in Iraq and keeps us there.
"The Vice President has been at the center of this Administration's campaign to misled the public and the Congress about the war in Iraq," stated Kucinich after sending the letter. "The Vice President has used his tremendous influence to spread false and misleading statements and attack those who seek accountability from this Administration. It is far past time for this Congress to seek answers from the Vice President. No Administration official is above Congress accountability. This Congress and the American people deserve nothing less from a man of such power and influence."


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